Anzacs of Gallipoli: A Forced Conflict

NHD Connection

Our topic of the Gallipoli Campaign relates to the NHD theme, as it was a forced conflict that never should have occurred in the first place, as the Allies were never truly prepared to take on a campaign as weighty as Gallipoli was. A compromise only stemmed from the conflict after many lives were needlessly lost, as an evacuation was brought about 9 months into the campaign as the Allied Powers reluctantly admitted their defeat. The conflict of the Gallipoli Campaign could have been easily avoided as many soldiers, especially the Anzac troops, lost their lives all for nothing. The lack of communication and planning had led to one of the bloodiest and disastrous campaign efforts for the Allies. The evacuation only executed after the death of more than 35,000 soldiers from the Anzac corps alone demonstrates the foolishness and ignorance of Allied generals towards proper military action. This avertable conflict and diffident compromise are what make the Gallipoli Campaign such a prime example of this year’s NHD theme.